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Inverter Drives

We have developed a custom built intelligent inverter
controller to replicate a DC inverter driven VRF system

The compressor that is often used in an air conditioning system is an ON or OFF type in that it either works at the maximum capacity or none at all. It is ON when the thermostat calls for cooling and OFF when the desired temperature has been achieved. This cycle is repeated with the change of load in a room.

The advancement in power electronics has enabled the use of inverter technology to modulate the  speed of the compressor motor by using a (VFD) variable frequency drive.

This is done by converting the incoming AC supply to DC voltage and then modulate it by changing the voltage, current and frequency of the power to the compressor.

” Thermx assisted cooling is only compatible when fitted on systems with a variable capacity ability “.  On a fixed speed compressor this can now be achieved by fitting a VFD inverter.


There are several advantages from fitting a VFD to your fixed speed system

Instant energy savings

Combined with Thermx panels energy savings in excess of 45% can be achieved.

Minimal setup time and no intrusion in to the refrigeration cycle.

Plug and play setup with reduced system downtime.


Types of Equipment on Which Inverters  Can Be Installed

3 Phase motor

3 Phase Scroll Compressor

3 Phase Reciprocating Compressor

3 Phase Open Compressor

Single Phase Compressor (non-compatible)

The role of an inverter drive is to regulate the drive speed frequency of any 3 phase motor.

By adding an inverter drive to the system, it allows the motor to soft start with a variable speed, which in turn saves energy.

Where can additional energy savings come from?

Air conditioning systems use a huge amount of energy. In some cases it could even double energy consumption, not to mention the resultant increase in a company’s CO2 production.

Air conditioning systems in buildings are designed for maximum occupancy and peak outside ambient. This means that for the majority of time there is large scope for running the systems at reduced speed and significant money to be saved with variable speed drives.

Our VFD’s can vary the output of your air conditioning system to meet the varying demands throughout the day

Save Energy
Accurate speed control of fans and pumps provides the most energy efficient control method

Energy optimisation function minimises energy usage in real time under partial load conditions

Sleep & wake functions ensure operation only when required

Save Money
Advanced on-board features remove the need for peripheral equipment

Intelligent maintenance interval timing allows programmable maintenance reminders, avoiding costly downtime

Automatic load monitoring provides an early warning of potential faults, such as belt failures or blocked filters

Save Time
Built in keypad and OLED text display provides intuitive operation

Simple parameter structure with carefully selected default values reduce commissioning time

Practical design allows easy access to power and control terminals without specialist tools

All the products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the quality and environmental management system principals of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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