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The Technology

To achieve the ultimate available efficiencies, ThermX panels should only ever be installed on systems correctly specified for the cooling or heating load requirements, and only on systems with the ability to unload. We can NOW fit Thermx to fixed speed compressors find out more :

Staged or rack systems

Screw type systems

Digital scroll systems

Invertor type

VRV or VRF systems

” Thermx assisted cooling is only compatible when fitted on systems with a variable capacity ability “.

*  We can only install our Thermx panels on to air cooled systems, and not on to water cooled or centrifugal systems  *.

Why solar thermal works

Most of today’s HVAC-R systems include logic controls designed to predominantly measure the thermal energy and modulate the speed and/or stages of the compressors accordingly. This is markedly different than older generations of fixed speed, fixed flow systems, which were in the main controlled based on pressure and/or room set point temperature. In modern HVAC-R systems, the thermal energy impact at the condenser, generated by the compressors is continually monitored and the logic control then modulates the speed and/or stages of the compressors as required to meet the cooling demand. This logic is influenced by the collective data gathered from the thermistor sensors designed in at relevant points around the system, as such the logic controls are constantly assessing the load and adjusting the compressors as required. The solar assisted system uses renewable solar-thermal energy to offset a portion of the thermal energy that would normally be generated by the compressors, keep in mind that the condenser is in all cases designed to manage the compressors full load of thermal capacity, when running at full load. Therefore, as the amount of solar-thermal energy increases, the logic controls recognize that now the combined thermal energy in the system is more than sufficient to meet the systems requirements and consequently will signal for the compressors to slow down or drop stages. When the compressor is running at part load with part load mass flow, the input of free thermal energy now increases the system’s capacity closer to its full potential. In short, Thermx technology uses solar thermal energy to reduce the work normally supplied by the compressors, thereby reducing energy consumption.
Solx Energy has so far developed installations on 6 continents, across 47 different countries over the last four years. kWh data covering a multitude of differing ambient conditions has been observed and recorded. Although it should be noted that an element of this data was collated by the owners of this patented solution, most were completed by the end user themselves, through their own in-house evaluation of this technology. Those end users includes many large corporations such as, but not limited to Super U, Cummins, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, DHL, Spar, British Ministry of Defence, Sodexo, Cable & Wireless, Hard Rock Resorts and Intel.

Understanding the solar thermal technology is about understanding the most important components of the modern-day variable or modulating system controls, the change of state from vapour to liquid, along with the importance of the kinetic energy changes in the refrigerant. Variable refrigerant systems have changed a number of the fundamentals in the refrigerant process over recent years. The solar thermal addition to this process further improves the effectiveness of these systems by creating an improved efficiency via the two crucial components in the cooling and refrigeration cycle; the heat exchanger and the metering device.

The sensible thermal energy added by the solar thermal array replaces an element of the thermal energy normally generated by the compressor in the compression process. The compressor is the most energy hungry component in the whole process, the addition of solar thermal energy into the process can have credible positive impact on the efficiency of this component.

The combination of reducing the compressors workload, while maintaining the refrigerant temperatures required to deliver an efficient Delta T (ΔT), achieves a more rapid change of state, a more efficient sub cooling and in the end, an enhanced cooling capacity.

“The sun was always the problem; today however it can be utilised as the solution”.

Thermx For Heating

In heating mode the system works in almost the same way, but now the flow changes compared to the cooling mode. The additional free heating of the refrigerant in the solar panel allows the compressor to reduce its load, and therefore, its power consumption. Dependent on sun levels, COP figures (heating capacity vs power consumption) of over 8 are possible!

Again the more the sun shines, the more the solar panel takes over the compressing of the gas and the more power is saved, as the compressor now acts mainly as a pump providing the necessary cycle flow.

Due to the ultra UV absorbent design and glass vacuum tubing, the ambient external temperature has little if any impact on the temperature of the gas. The only natural element driving this positive process is the free energy provided by the sun’s rays.

The system is also fitted with the innovative Solar Bypass Valve. This allows the gas to bypass the panel in heating mode, when the sun is non-existent. i.e. night-time and heavy rain-cloud.